Blogging For Your Charity

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Creating a blog for a charity you care about or work for is a great way to increase publicity and fundraising. According to a recent article published on Know-How Nonprofit that details how to create a blog page for a particular charity, blogging can help nonprofit organizations in various ways. Here’s a recap on how blogging can help charities:

First, blogging is a great way to communicate with others. Because we live in such a technological era, most everyone can be found on the internet. Thus, the internet has become a central communication tool for a wide range of people. In addition, blogging is a particular part of the internet that can gain authority and quickly share important information. According to Know-How Nonprofit:

“It’s important to have a place that you can link to for more information and for follow-up, instead of sharing news or updates only in a tweet or facebook message, and especially if it is just in an email newsletter. A blog can provide the space for sharing news, announcements, stories, and other information and let you reshare and distribute it all over the web,” (How to Create a Blog for Your Charity).

Plus, people can often find your Facebook and Twitter accounts through your blog page, so it will generate a lot of engagement for your charity.

Creating a blog page for your charity can also give you a chance to tell people about your cause from various, entertaining angles. A blog page can also incorporate videos, pictures, slideshows, and music (among others). These platforms give you the opportunity to tell a story through multimedia that will help your viewers understand your charity not only through words on a blog post, but through these other platforms.

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Lastly, a blog page is a great way to start conversations within your community of readers and supporters. According to Know-How Nonprofit, “Whether you are asking for feedback, sharing stories, or urging people to take action, providing a place for your community to share back with you shows your openness to feedback and interest in the community,” (How to Create a Blog for Your Charity).

For further information on creating a blog page and blogging for your charity, check out Know-How Nonprofit’s article here.