The Kardashian-West Engagment Revealed: Lorraine Schwartz Ring

Four months ago, pop culture fans were shocked that Kim Kardashian had managed to get engaged once again, to rapper Kanye West, who is also the father of her first and only child North. However, yesterday, in the midst of the NBA All-Star game, fans got to see the magical moment happen on the reality tv show Keeping Up With The Kardashians. Kanye, 36 proposed to his girlfriend in front of entire family and closest friends at AT&T Stadium in San Francisco. Momager, Kris Jenner, was the only one in the family that knew about the surprise engagement, telling friends and family that Kanye had planned a surprised birthday party. She had just four days to invite guests on the trip and an even bigger challenge was keeping quiet, as the Kardashian clan grilled her about the night’s events as they traveled on private jets to San Fransisco. But Kris remained tight-lipped under pressure, saying: ‘I don’t know. I’m in the dark.’

When Kim’s sisters and brother Rob arrived inside the baseball stadium, they began to get suspicious that perhaps they weren’t just there for a birthday surprise and something bigger was going to occur. They were all guided into hiding in the stadium dugouts with strict instructions to keep absolutely quiet and off their phones, refraining from posting on social media.

Extravagant: The setting had roman candles burning and a 50-piece orchestra playing

As Kim, who was blind folded, and Kanye drove into the stadium, the 50-piece orchestra took position and a hushed silence fell.

‘I can’t breathe,’ an emotional Khloe whispered. ‘This is the best thing I’ve ever seen in my life. I’m gonna cry. I didn’t know this was real. This is a movie.’

She's in charge: Instead of putting the ring on Kim's finger, Kanye let her take the ring out of the box herself

While roman candles burned, and the orchestra played Kanye told told Kim: ‘I just want to know.’ as he dropped down on one knee. Kim  gasped and covered her face in shock as her sisters Khloe and Kendall Jenner gasped from their hiding place. ‘You want to know what?’ Kim asked coyly. ‘If you’ll marry me,’ Kanye responded, grinning from ear to ear. After Kim whispered ‘of course,’ Kanye handed over a box containing a 15-carat diamond ring made by celebrity jeweller Lorraine Schwartz.’I can’t believe this is happening,’ Kim said as she kissed and embraced the father of her daughter, North, with the words ‘Pleeease marry meee!!!’ glowing on the stadium’s giant screen.

Whoa! Kim's sisters Kendall and Khloe Kardashian were shocked as they watched the surprise proposal, but also extremely happy to be a part of the magical night

Careful! Even her sister Kendall Jenner joked that Kim would need a security guard for her ring
Admiring her ring, which sparkled under the floodlights, Kim told her future husband: ‘It’s, like, the perfect size for my hands.’ ‘I actually preferred to get a smaller stone that was flawless than some off the bigger offsets,’ Kanye said.
He also revealed that he had been up all night finishing the design of the ring and making sure it was perfect.

Even better: After sealing the deal, Kim and Kanye's friends ran into the field to greet the newly engaged couple

”To get engaged and then see all my family and all my friends be there really surprises me and it’s so sweet that Kanye thought to bring them all here.’

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Celebrity Engagement Ring Trends


The Huffington Post identified one trend that Hollywood stars are creating and that became very popular in 2013: the cushion cut diamond engagement ring in a pave halo setting. Yes, you read that right. About 6 celebrity couples have agreed to tie the knot with the 3rd most popular diamond cut after round and princess. The recent engagement of Rory McIlroy and Catherine Wozniacki, gave off a feeling of deja vu as yet another groom to be, pops the question with that cushion cut diamond. According to David Berkowitz, the marketing director of James Allen, round, princess, and cushion cut diamonds accounted for 60 percent, 21 percent, and 8 percent respectively of their sales over the last two months. On the Huff Post’s diamond education blog, they have actually seen interest in cushion cuts begin to increase and surpass that of princess cut diamonds.

Pairing the cushion cut with a halo setting is an excellent choice making the stone appear larger while adding a touch of flash and sparkle. All in all, it is a beautiful touch. Below are some of the celebrities that will be tying the knot with a cushion cut stone.

Sean Lowe and The Bachelor’s finalist Catherine Giudici, got engaged during the shows finale in March 2013. Lowe opted for a 3.15 carat cushion cut ring from Neil Lane with a platinum halo setting. Later that year, Ashley Tisdale, famous for her roles in Disney Channel’s phenomenon High School Musical, got engage to her then boyfriend Christopher French and was seen rocking alarge cushion cut halo set ring.

In September, just three months after they began dating, tennis star Ryan Sweeting popped the big question to The Big Bang Theory‘s actress Kaley Cuoco with this 2.30ct cushion cut halo set engagement ring. Kaley recently added a classy touch to her ring after the wedding by adding double wedding rings to wear on either side of the engagement ring creating a beautiful set of bands.

‘Big Bang Theory’s’  Kaley Cuoco shows off her wedding ring and bedazzled fingernail during an NBA game in Los Angeles.

Kelly Rowland, former Destiny’s Child singer and X-Factor judge, is another Hollywood star enjoying the stunning cut after her boyfriend and manager Tim Witherspoon popped the question over Skype while she was in Bulgaria. They weren’t the only musical couple to get engaged last year. Then, just last month in December Big Sean, rapper, proposed to Naya Rivera, start of the hit show Glee with a 4-5 ct. cushion-cut iceberg set in a platinum halo setting with pave band.

Chicago Bulls “Luvabull” Cheerleader Proposed to During Bulls-Heat Game

The internet went wild this weekend as Ariana Rosado, a member of the Chicago Bulls’ Luvabulls cheerleading squad, received the surprise of her life when her boyfriend proposed during Thursday night’s game against the Miami Heat. Ariana, a new member of the squad was delivering a high-energy performance during the third quarter when the music suddenly changed and her teammates started changing formations, breaking into a routine she didn’t recall learning. What she thought was her worst nightmare turned into a dream come true. As the song “Marry You” by Bruno Mars blasted throughout the arena, the Loveabulls cheerleaders danced around Ariana as she sat in shock. As she looked around desperately, her panic turned into joy when the team’s ever-popular mascot, Benny the Bull, came to join the performance. Out of it came Shane Zackery, who dropped down on one knee and proposed to his two year girlfriend who he met in college.


Diamond Cuts 101

Investments in Colored Diamonds on the Rise

“The Pink Dream” is the largest internally flawless diamond the Gemological Institute of America has ever graded.  “The Orange” sold for 35.5 million. With 14.82 carats,  it is the largest fancy vivid orange diamond in the world.” Clearly colored diamonds have become increasingly popular as of late and indicates the direction of the rare diamond market. Stones like these are always purchased with an investment element present. Early last month, Sotheby’s, one of the world’s largest brokers of fine and decorative art, jewelry, real estate, and collectibles, sold a 118.28-carat oval brilliant-cut diamond billed as the “Greatest white diamond ever to appear at auction” for $30.6 million and a brilliant-cut diamond weighing 20.05 carats for $4.06 million. Large diamonds have had good ROI in recent years. Experts are seeing colored diamonds climbing up in value due to the demand being high and the supply slowly decreasing. So much so that the Rio Tinto Argyle mine is expected to close in about 7 years. This particular mine produces more than 90% of natural pink diamonds.

Price records have recently been broken with the Argle Phoenix, a 1.56 carat red diamond going for a little over 1 million per carat. The prices for diamonds are on the rise with diamonds less than three carats increasing about 8%, three carat diamonds increasing 77% and four-carat by more than 140%. since 2004. The Singapore Diamond Investment Exchange, which markets diamond funds, has seen its volume grow from $1.5 million last year to $20 million.

“We are confident to double this amount in 2014,” said Alain Vandenborre, chairman and founder of the exchange, which recently changed its name from the Singapore Diamond Exchange to avoid confusion with traditional diamond exchanges, where the stones are bought and sold by merchants and jewelers.

Diamonds Shopping Guide

Mark Bronner Diamonds

Purchasing a quality diamond can be a difficult process if you are not aware of what you should be looking for. Many diamonds that are purchased are for engagement rings and anniversary rings, however, diamonds are not only for special occasions and couples. Women are also purchasing diamonds for themselves.

Regardless of why you are purchasing diamond jewelry or the occasion, this post will help you identify what to look for. “New sources of mined diamonds are coming into the global market,” Paul Swinand, a stock analyst with Morningstar, who covers the jewelry sector, tells DailyFinance. And the U.S. is benefiting from a broader mix of suppliers, “which makes for more competitive pricing from the low-end to high-end diamond,” he says.

“Four Cs” of Diamonds
The Four C’s refer to the characteristics that determine a diamond’s quality:  carat, color, clarity and cut. The GIA’s diamond-grading system, which factors in those C’s, has become the industry standard for professional jewelers.

1) Carat

Carat refers to the weight of the diamond. Generally speaking, “If you’re on a tight budget, a one-carat diamond will be out of your [price range],” Shor says. The larger the diamond, the more expensive that you can expect it to be. however, once mounted the difference between half a carat and .44 will not be as noticeable to the eye, but a large difference in price.

GIA Diamond Color Grades

Diamond grades D, K and Z
2) Color

In a white diamond, this measures how close the diamond is to white.

Colorless diamonds, which get the highest grades of D, E, and F, are considered premium because they allow for the greatest reflection of light and, therefore, emit the most dramatic sparkle, according to the Diamond Buying Guide. They also command a higher price. S- Z are the lowest grade on the scale and have a light color to them making them more affordable for the buyer. Most buyers would prefer the highest grade, but going with a diamond that is rated H, I, J or K, which will still look good, drops the price between 25% and 35% from that of a D, E or F rated stone. Yellow gold makes a lower grade stone less obvious because the slight amounts of yellow in a diamond aren’t as apparent as they would be in white metal mountings. Color becomes more important as carat weight increases, because color is easier to perceive in a larger diamond.

3) Clarity

The GIA’s 11-grade clarity scale quantifies a diamond’s blemishes, both inside and outside. Grades range from F for Flawless — which is extremely rare — to Included 3, or I3, the lowest clarity grade. But a diamond can still look luminous even when it falls below the four highest grades. (These are F for Flawless; IF for Internally Flawless; VVSI-VVS2 for Very, Very Slightly Included; and VSI-VS2, which means Very Slightly Included, according to the Diamond Buying Guide.) A lower-clarity stone are alot more affordable. These include SI1 and SI2, which are “slightly included.” They are a notch above the lowest clarity grades of I1, I2 and I3.

4) Cut

Experts agree that this is where you don’t want to cut corners: the cut. The cut of a diamond has a huge influence on the diamond’s reflective qualities and you should choose a cut in the top two ratings of the GIA scale which include:


Maximum fire and brilliance. Reflects nearly all of the light that enters the diamond, creating exceptional sparkle and life.

Very Good

Properly reflects most of the light that enters the diamond, producing superior fire and brilliance. Under normal lighting conditions, appears very similar to Excellent Cut, but for a lower price.


Reflects a majority of the light that enters the diamond, for an above average appearance. An excellent value compared to higher cut grades.


Allows much of the light entering the diamond to escape from the sides or bottom, reducing perceived fire and brilliance. More acceptable in diamonds of less than .75 carats, where differences in sparkle are more difficult to perceive.


Allows most of the light entering the diamond to escape from the sides or bottom. The diamond may appear noticeably dull and lifeless, even to an untrained eye. Lumera does not offer Poor cut diamonds.

Be sure to ask the retailer to see a diamond-grading report, such as one from the GIA or the American Gem Society, which includes an assessment of each diamond’s four C’s. These reports come from what the jewelry industry considers to be the most credible diamond-rating labs, Ken Gassman, president and founder of the Jewelry Industry Research Institute, tells DailyFinance.